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COVID 19 related Certificate Concessions

In light of current events and the suspension of training caused by the spread of COVID-19, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council, with authority from Alberta Labour – OHS, will be making the following concessions on training certification.

Recertification (Challenge) Grace Period

St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council has extended a grace period for which recertification of Standard and Advanced First Aid certificates can occur by 90-days from the date of expiry. This period is extended for any individual who was affected by the COVID-19 suspension of training for any reason.

Certification Extension 

First aiders who are unable to recertify their training prior to certificate expiry will have their certificate expirations extended to allow them to recertify at a later opportunity. This applies to certificates expiring after March 17, 2020. OHS officers will have flexibility in accepting expired workplace first aid certificates as proof of current certification. This extension will be dependent on the length of time that certification/recertification training is hindered.

Online Training – Accepted as Interim First AidAlberta Labour 

OHS has made a concession that the online training courses offered through St. John Ambulance may be used as interim certification of first aid training for workplace purposes until training agencies are able to conduct the in-person skills demonstration. 

Online Training – Awareness Completion Grace Period

We are extending the online training completion grace period from 90-days to 120-days with the possibility of further extension as we monitor the current situation. Students are able to review the content online once completed, as often as needed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Provincial Training Team should you have any questions at 1-800-665-7114

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