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In an emergency, seconds count. With just a few hours of training, you can prepare yourself to save a life.

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The information provided in this program is for general use and knowledge.  St. John Ambulance is not liable for any damages that may result from the use or misuse of the information provided.  Awareness training does not constitute an endorsement of a user’s qualifications by St. John Ambulance. Read More

Engaging Online Courses

Engaging and interactive training means more learners finish and retain what they've learned. 
That's why we use games, narratives, and custom media – videos, photos, graphics, animation – to power and personalize learners’ time with your training.

Blended Online Certification Courses

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Awareness Training First Aid and CPR Courses

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Our courses can be launched directly from our website. Just log in and go. Or, if you already have an LMS, you can download your purchased course (industry-standard SCORM format) and launch it from your own training platform!

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