AED, CPR, First Aid, and Alberta

Awareness Training Standard First Aid (CSA Intermediate) – CPR C + AED

Course by: St. John Ambulance Alberta Council

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This awareness course provides learners with the knowledge components included in the Emergency First Aid plus first aid for other injuries and illnesses including head and spinal injuries, fractures of the upper and lower limbs. Also includes information on adult resuscitation, AED, choking for adult, child and infant and mental health awareness.

Interactive course design with simulations, videos, and illustrations, with built-in knowledge checks and quizzes to test what you’ve learned. Cost covers online course only; the Alberta blended certification track will include additional cost for in-person assessment and exam.

If you would like to upgrade to a certification after completing the awareness course please call us at 1-800-665-7114.


Course bundle with Family First Aid Kit

Course Outline

Roles & Responsibilities of First Aiders and Emergency Scene Management

Adult Resuscitation

Two-Rescuer CPR – Adult Resuscitation

Child and Infant Resuscitation

Medical Conditions

Emergency Scene Management – Trauma Casualty

Severe Bleeding and Amputations

Wound Care


Eye Injuries

Secondary Survey

Chest and Abdominal Injuries

Bone and Joint Injuries

Environmental Injuries

Mental Health Awareness

Moving & Transport


Multiple Casualty

Course Details
6 hours and 30 minutes
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